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A drum workout refers to a structured practice session or routine designed to improve a drummer's skills, technique, coordination, and overall proficiency on the drums. It involves various exercises focusing on aspects such as timing, rudiments, speed, dynamics, independence, and musicality. Drum workouts must be tailored to suit drummers of different skill levels, from beginners to advanced players. They are essential for developing and maintaining the physical and mental stamina required to play drums effectively.

Planning Your Drum Workouts

Your drumming workouts should be regularly adjusted based on your skill level and customized to your evolving needs and goals. Our online WISE Drummer Practice solution provides drum workouts, practice routines, and exercises organized into a well-structured framework. They are grouped into skill levels and categories, allowing for easy selection and adjustment of personal goals based on your skill level and targeted development area.

Drum Practice Exercise Library

All drummers and drum tutors should have access to a comprehensive library of drumming exercises that focus on developing all the specific and required skill categories and levels. Furthermore, these exercises should be well organized for easy access, saving drummers and drum tutors time and effort in finding and maintaining exercises. Our integrated drum practice exercise library is actively developed and maintained to achieve this challenging and ambitious goal.

Drumming Skill Levels

Following architectural design, our drum workouts and practice routines start with a solid foundation constructed with simplified pattern-based principles. This approach enhances the early development process of foundational drumming skills to build upon. The skill levels to follow systematically develop and expand the application of these fundamental drumming patterns to efficiently master rudiments, rhythmic vocabulary, dynamics, independence, and coordination.

Drumming Skill Categories

Drumming workouts are crucial in refining your skills by providing a structured approach to focusing on specific aspects of drumming. Our carefully crafted drum workouts, practice routines, and exercises are organized into well-rounded skill categories designed to enable you to customize your practice sessions based on your specific goals. This approach ensures that you can systematically work on different aspects of drumming, such as rudiments, dynamics, independence, rhythms, and fills & solos, leading to comprehensive skill development.

Setting Your Drum Practice Routine Goals

To set effective practice session goals, drummers need to clearly understand their skill development progress in relation to the specific targets for each drumming skill level and category. Our WISE Drummer Practice solution provides drummers with a dashboard to visualize their progress in skill development against the targets and identify which goals to prioritize.

Daily Practice Sessions

Dedicating time to daily drum practice that aligns with your overall development goals is essential. Our online solution allows you to set and adjust your daily practice duration to help you reach your target. Your progress against your target is visible during your practice routines, which can help keep you motivated.

Balanced Skills Development

Effective and creative drumming requires a combination of the interrelated skill categories. Therefore, it is best to take a balanced approach to developing all the skill categories equally and systematically. Our drum workouts, practice routines, and exercises are designed to help develop all limbs equally in terms of rudiments, rhythm, and dynamics.

Drumming Speed and Timing

Improving your drumming speed and timing is an important goal. You can achieve this by practicing with a metronome, starting slowly and gradually increasing the tempo as you progress. Our online practice routine exercises include a tempo range and speed step, which automatically increase the tempo of the built-in metronome as you progress.

Prioritize Drum Workouts, Practice Routines, and Exercises

Prioritization is the vital process of pinpointing specific areas that need improvement and then adjusting the order of drum workouts, practice routines, and exercises to ensure that time and effort are focused where they are most needed.

Tracking Your Development Progress

Manual tracking of drumming skills development is time-consuming, tedious, error-prone, and not worth the effort without help from our dearest friend, Technology.

Record Daily Practice Time

Our online WISE Drummer Practice application automatically records and tracks your daily practice time. During practice sessions, you can see your daily target and actual practice time, and you can also view a convenient trend of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly practice time on the dashboard to help with longer-term motivation.

Record Exercises Practice Speed

Our online WISE Drummer Practice application automatically records and tracks the tempo setting of each exercise practiced. This allows you to continue where you last left off and develop your speed efficiently.

Record Exercise Assessment and Comments

To practice effectively, the drummer needs to record the performance of each exercise. Our online WISE Drummer Practice application has this feature built-in, making it easy to record your performance assessment with just a few clicks. You can also add comments to your performance to help jog your memory the next time you practice the same exercise.

Analyze and Interpret the Results

In addition to this great responsibility of holding time with both hands and feet, drummers are also expected to ingest, process, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of data. This is achieved with a simple click of a button to view the built-in dashboard, which presents the results in an easy-to-read format. The dashboard contains a wealth of information and provides a broader and deeper perspective on drumming skills development and progress.

Practice, Assess, Repeat

If you have read this far, it should be evident that our online WISE Drummer Practice solution delivers the tools for rapidly developing drumming skills with maximum efficiency.

WISE Drummers Practice and Assess

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Get Feedback from a Drum Tutor

Drum tutors play a crucial role in drummers' effective development. We aim to provide drum tutors and students with the tools to enhance the drumming skills development process with maximum efficiency.

Drum Tutor Assessments

Our online WISE Drummer Practice solution bridges the gap between drum tutors' teaching sessions and students' drum practice habits. Through automatic practice analysis, we provide tutors with insight into student development to help identify and resolve the students' challenges. The drum tutor assessments and guidance during teaching sessions are also available to the students during their drum workout practice routines and sessions.

Personalized Teaching Sessions

Drum tutors have access to their students' development dashboard during teaching sessions, providing a broader, deeper perspective on their skills development progress. With this and access to our comprehensive drum practice exercise library, tutors can personalize each student's teaching session at every step.

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