WISE Drum Workout Features

Advance your drumming skills with maximum efficiency.

Our innovative online WISE Drummer Practice application leverages advanced technology to analyze a drummer's performance and identify specific areas for improvement. We drive maximum efficiency and rapid skill development by automatically prioritizing drum workouts, practice routines, and exercises to meet each drummer's needs.

Feature Student Tutor
A simplified pattern-based learning approach that enhances the development of drumming skills.
Comprehensive drum practice exercise library organized into drumming workouts and practice sessions.
Customizable drumming workouts and practice sessions cater to evolving needs and goals.
Automatic prioritization of drumming workouts, practice sessions, and exercises focus effort where needed.
Adjustable daily practice time target with visible progress during practice sessions to help you reach your goal.
Tracks exercise practice speed with automatic tempo steps to effectively develop drumming speed.
Simple and effective recording of practice performance to help identify and set drumming development goals.
Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly practice time trends help drive and maintain long-term motivation.
Detailed dashboard to visualize development progress against the broader aspects of drumming skills.
Feedback and comments from drum tutors are visible during practice sessions to guide the student.
Automatic practice analysis provides drum tutors insight into identifying and resolving student challenges.
Assessment and annotation of student exercise performance to align and guide student practice sessions.