Assessing Your Performance with WISE Drum Workouts

Self-assessment of your drumming performance is a mandatory task after every practice event. It allows you to reflect and consider your performance against the key measures. Repeated evaluation raises your awareness, which leads to a better assessment, which results in better understanding.

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Performance Measures

Assessments are scored against the following three key measures:

Measure Description Color
Reading Drum notation is a series of symbols and markings that inform drummers how to perform a musical piece. Reading refers to your ability to read drum notation and visual instructions. This component measures your ability to translate drum notation into musical performance accurately.
Dynamics Dynamics refers to how hard or soft you hit each drum or cymbal and how loud or quiet you play. This component measures your dynamic awareness and listening skills compared to dynamic notation marks, accents, balance between limbs, and other instruments.
Timing Timekeeping refers to a drummer's ability to play in time with the pulse of the music, while timing refers to the drummer's coordination of his limbs. This component includes both views and measures your overall time awareness and listening skills against the music or metronome pulse.

Filling Out Your Assessment

The assessment form has multiple tabs where you score and annotate your drumming performance. The following options are available:

After completing your assessment, click the Save button to continue practicing the next exercise.

Self-Assessment Tips

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