Tutor’s Guide to WISE Drum Workouts

Drum tutors play a crucial role in drummers' effective development. We aim to provide drum tutors and students with the tools to enhance the drumming skills development process with maximum efficiency.

See the WISE Drum Workout Features page for a quick overview of how our online application delivers the tools for rapidly developing drumming skills with maximum efficiency.

Student Management

Drum tutors can access the student management page from the Tutor menu by selecting the Students option.

Create a New Student Account

Use this option when the student has no prior account registered. The following steps are required to create a new WISE Drummer student account:

  1. Create a new student, providing the student's username and email address.
  2. The student will receive an email with a verification request to activate the account. The account must be activated by following the instructions provided.
  3. After account activation, the student must request a password reset using the Forgot Password link on the login page.
  4. The student will receive an email with instructions on resetting the account password.

New Student Enrolment

Use this option to enroll a student with an existing registered account. The student must approve the enrolment by providing the account email and password in the approval form.

Student Unenrollment

Both a drum tutor and a student have the option to unenroll from an existing enrolment. To unenroll a student, select Unenroll from the Actions option for the required student.

Start a Student Teaching Session

Select Teach from the Actions option from the student management page for the required student. The following banner will be visible for the duration of the session.

Remember to click the End Session button at the end of a student teaching session.

Student Drum Practice Review

Automatic student practice analysis provides drum tutors insight into identifying and resolving student challenges. Tutors can access the student practice review page from the Tutor menu by selecting the Review option.

The two graphs presented here assist the tutor in understanding how much time the student practiced, the exercises practiced, and the total duration practiced for each exercise.

Identifying the Most Challenging Exercises

The practice time allocation graph compares actual practice time against attainment time for each exercise practiced. The exercises are prioritized to identify the ones found most challenging by the student; the first exercise is the most demanding.

Review Student Self-Assessments

Reviewing the student self-assessments and comments will help the tutor understand the student's perspective, awareness, and challenges.

Assess Student Performance

Select an exercise to assess and allow the student to perform. It is advisable to spot-assess some exercises that the student performed well to ensure alignment of expectations. When the student is finished, the tutor can assess and annotate the student's performance. See the WISE Drum Workouts Assessment Guide for details. See the WISE Drum Workouts Assessment Guide for details.

Drumming Lessons

Every student develops at their own pace and faces unique individual challenges along the way. These tools provide drum tutors with insight into a student's unique development challenges every step of the way.

Student Development Dashboard

During a teaching session, the tutor can access the student's development dashboard, which provides a broader, deeper perspective on drumming skills development. See the WISE Drum Workouts Dashboard Guide for details.

Day-to-Day Lessons

Our WISE Drum Practice Exercise Library is available to tutors for daily lessons. The exercises in the library are arranged to build speed, control, independence, and coordination systematically.

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